Friday, May 16, 2014

"do you want to build a snowman?"

I just thought this was pretty cool. I almost want to see these girls actually play these roles. I only recognize a few of these ladies though. Perhaps you guys can help me fill in the rest of them.

I see Rihanna, Beyonce, Shay Mitchell, Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lopez, and Kristen Stewart. Who do you see?

Monday, April 28, 2014

"and all that jazz"

I am obsessed with New Orleans.  I've never been in such a party city in my life. Of course there's Vegas, but you can't get such rich history in Vegas. You can't get amazingly fresh seafood cooked cajun or creole style. You can't walk up and down an entire neighborhood and party in every corner.

No, Vegas doesn't compare to New Orleans. (Although I love Vegas too, but that's another story). This is about New Orleans, and how I cannot wait to go back.

So I spent my 25th birthday in New Orleans! Happy birthday to me! I've started a new tradition of visiting a new city every year for my birthday. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this city. Such a beautiful place. My hotel was located right next to where all the action was. No need for a car, I walked everywhere I went.

All day, all I did was eat and drink. From morning to evening. New Orleans is a very laid back city. The culture is one that embraces such a lifestyle. You literally just hang out, get something to eat and have a drink. My kind of city.

Now that I've been to New Orleans though, I know I could never live there. There's just too many temptations for me and I don't want the novelty to wear off. So unfortunately that cancels Tulane University as a potential law school for me to attend this fall. Ah well!

I'll definitely be going back. Until then, I'm looking for the next party city that I need to visit. I actually have an entire list of party cities all over the world that are a must for me to visit.

So I can cross New Orleans off that list. On to the next one!

Monday, March 31, 2014

"shooting off a flare across the sky"

I'm looking forward to so many new things in my life. I can't even believe I'm where I am now. Couple years ago I was graduating from college ready to just take a break from school and work wherever I could get a job. Now I'm so tired of working and I really just want to go back to school.

Looks like I got my wish!

You are officially reading the blog of a law school student! Yay! Finally, after all these years, I have finished applications and have received decisions back from schools. By August, I should be enrolled in one of the many fine law schools in this country. I haven't decided which one yet, because I'm still waiting to hear back from a few schools. But once I make my decision, I will certainly let you guys know which new city I will call home. But for now, I can certainly say my days in Atlanta are numbered. Goodbye Georgia!

Law school. Sounds like so much work right? Honestly, I'm ready for it. Its going to an epic amount of studying, researching, reading, writing, and networking, but I cannot wait for this new chapter to begin. So many times I've spoken of being stuck and not knowing where to go from here. But I'm finding my direction. The destination was always there, I just couldn't quite find the road. So now that I've found it, I'm excited to start driving.

Law School. Wow.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"but i'm warm because i feel you around"

On March 2nd my relationship will officially reach the 6 month mark. It's an odd thing to reach for me, since most of my relationships usually end after one or two months. Or let's be honest, after the second date. I tire easily. Or I should say I know who I want and I can tell quickly its not you. So being with my boyfriend for 6 months now is actually quite amazing to me. I'm really excited about it!

I've decided to call him Suit because he is always impeccably dressed. From to head to toe, he always looks good and I'll be the first to say, we make a beautiful couple. Suit and I celebrated out first Valentine's day and it was very sweet. Dinner, flowers, candles, chocolate. Simple, sweet, and memorable. And since it was my first Valentine's with anybody, I was expecting greatness. He didn't disappoint.

He makes me feel. And I know that sounds strange but that's the honest truth. I don't usually have emotional attachments to the men I date. I know this because once they're gone, I don't think about them. At all. Like, not a single thought of them crosses my mind. Half the time, I forget their name. Which is actually probably for the best really. But with Suit, I miss him. I wake up thinking about him. I check my phone first thing in the morning to see if I missed a text from him during the night. I wonder about what he's doing and what he's thinking about. He's constantly on my mind and I doesn't drive me crazy. I like it, and I like that I like it! I like him.

So when March 2nd rolls around and we hit 6 months, I'm going to be the one bursting into song and behaving as if I'm in a Disney musical, because I'm just so damn happy!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"keep away from the freaks on the fringe"

I was taking a leisure scroll through Instagram (as I tend to do when I'm pretending to work on very important law school applications due in the very near future) and I came across an interesting shot from my dear friend Emily Osment.

Perhaps you know her as Lily (the best friend) from Hannah Montana. Well color me excited when I found out that she was going to be coming out with a new show soon. Cleaners. And she plays a hit woman. That's a nice change from Disney Channel darling. 

Of course, you should know I have a very strong love when it comes to my Disney friends, so you know I had to investigate this show. I was surprised to learn that the show was already out and was a quite a few episodes into the storyline. About to start season two, in fact. I guess I'm not doing such a good job of keeping tabs on my Disney friends.  Nevertheless, I watched the first episode without knowing anything about the show. Nothing.

Oh come on, you know I loved it. Honestly, it wasn't bad. It was very Quentin Tarantino in terms of style. And I love a good Tarantino film. Basically the show is about two highly trained female contract killers, one of them being Emily. Of course it was a far cry from Disney, but still managed to not be another of those "Oh great, she's trying to shake her 'Disney' image" shows. I applaud her, and I look forward to watching another episode soon. Perhaps after I finish up with these very important law school applications due in the very near future…...

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"i'll say a thousand words or more"

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a wonderful transition into the new year. I certainly did. Nothing too special, I went to the crossover service at my church, then went to a friend's house for some dancing. It wasn't exactly a grand rocking new year's eve, but I enjoyed myself.

Of course it's a new year and its pretty much obligatory for everyone to come up with some "new year new me" goal and such. So who am I to deny myself such a tradition? I do, however, have a track record of failing at every and all new year resolutions I make, so, I will make this as easy on myself as possible. This year I only have one resolution:

I will write at least one blog post a month.

There! Simple, easy, direct. Nothing too difficult about that, right? I think I should be able to manage that. I just really want to get back into blogging regularly this year. I love having a record of my experiences and how I felt about them. I don't want an entire year to go by and I have no idea what I even did. This blog is pretty much a roadmap of my life. It showcases everything I've done (or at least the important parts that I feel like sharing) and reminds me what more I have to look forward to.

So that's my plan. Be a better writer. Be a more consistent writer. Be a true blogger. Wish me luck!

Happy New Year everyone!
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