Monday, March 31, 2014

"shooting off a flare across the sky"

I'm looking forward to so many new things in my life. I can't even believe I'm where I am now. Couple years ago I was graduating from college ready to just take a break from school and work wherever I could get a job. Now I'm so tired of working and I really just want to go back to school.

Looks like I got my wish!

You are officially reading the blog of a law school student! Yay! Finally, after all these years, I have finished applications and have received decisions back from schools. By August, I should be enrolled in one of the many fine law schools in this country. I haven't decided which one yet, because I'm still waiting to hear back from a few schools. But once I make my decision, I will certainly let you guys know which new city I will call home. But for now, I can certainly say my days in Atlanta are numbered. Goodbye Georgia!

Law school. Sounds like so much work right? Honestly, I'm ready for it. Its going to an epic amount of studying, researching, reading, writing, and networking, but I cannot wait for this new chapter to begin. So many times I've spoken of being stuck and not knowing where to go from here. But I'm finding my direction. The destination was always there, I just couldn't quite find the road. So now that I've found it, I'm excited to start driving.

Law School. Wow.

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