Wednesday, April 18, 2012

"i spoil everything!"

I had the pleasure of watching Hunger Games recently and it was just as amazing as I heard it would be. Of course I went in there having never read the book or really knowing anything about the movie except the basic idea that a bunch of kids get thrown into a death match.

Then I watched my fave YouTuber, Michael Buckley, do a recap of the movie and it was so funny that I had to share it. Now beware this is a recap so, SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT. I spoil everything! Plus it's way funnier if you've already seen the movie, because everything just makes sense. Enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2012

"we'll be a dream"

It has been all smiles and crazy screaming, running around the house, yelling "It's my birthday! Its my birthday!" all week long. Yes, my friends, yesterday was my birthday and it was awesome!

No I actually did not do anything. At all. Nothing. In fact, I spent the entire morning of my birthday sitting in Firestone waiting to get my car fixed, only to have them tell me its time to trade it in. Poor baby, he didn't even get to make the trip to Disney World. Well, not yet...

Anyway, this whole week I've been doing birthday activities. I kinda spread everything out instead of trying to make April 5th one special day packed with activities. Last Saturday, I went out clubbing, looking as sexy as ever (obviously). The next day, I went to Six Flags and spent the day eating cotton candy, Dipping Dots and trying to keep my eyes open on the roller coasters. I got a summer pass, so I'll definitely be doing that again soon.

Unfortunately, yesterday it was super miserable outside and the sun decided to go on vacation, so I didn't really go out much. I was supposed to go the movies, but I realized there's no movies out now that I want to see. And I've already seen Hunger Games so there's that.

I got a text from Sir which really surprised me. And of course now I'm here reflecting on how I (still) feel about the man. When I don't think about him, its like he doesn't exist. But once I start thinking about him, it's like, "Aw, I DID really like him." But once again, lets try NOT to get into that, again.

Back to my birthday! As soon as this weather clears up, I'm going to Six Flags again, maybe I'll go to the movies and see Mirror Mirror and then there's a party on Sunday to wrap up my week of birthday activities. Honestly it was fun while it lasted. Being 23 feels absolutely and completely the SAME as being 22. Ha, I guess the jokes on me because I was supposed to be married by now. Oops.

Happy 23rd birthday to me!
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