Friday, June 1, 2012

"flame out or fly"

Sir is supposed to come visit me next week! You all remember Sir, right? He's been my on-again-off-again crush for the last 4 years. You'd think I'd have done something with these feelings, but no, they just come and go.

But I never forget. And that seems to be the problem. When he pops up, I'm like "Yay! I love him!" When he goes away, I'm like "Awww! Oh well, I'll get over it." But its deep. Every time. I feel like he just won't go away, he just stays in the background irritating me.

So I texted him he should visit me in Atlanta, and he Skype'd me. And I really do like talking to him, but damn, I can't keep doing this to myself. Apparently there's some conference/event/meet/group/something happening in Atlanta next weekend and he's decided he wants to come to Atlanta. So obviously I had to offer my house for him to stay in. I don't know what exactly I'm expecting on this trip... that's a lie, I know exactly what I'm expecting. I just need to be realistic with myself and step out of my fantasy for one weekend. But a girl can dream. I guess I'll see what happens when/if he comes.

The only negative about the situation is that it happens to be the same weekend that my best friend is getting married. So I'll only really get to see him for two days before I take off for California. But I only need 2 days for my plan to work. I can make him fall in love with me in 2 days right? Or at the very least, I can create a really strong foundation. I suppose it should be partially created by now though. At least I hope. Wish me luck.

I just want us to be an adorable black couple. Is that too much to ask?


Anonymous said...

Girl I feel you. I hope u can make the weekend whatever u want it to be.

lars said...

black couples>everything
work your magic girl

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