Tuesday, February 25, 2014

"but i'm warm because i feel you around"

On March 2nd my relationship will officially reach the 6 month mark. It's an odd thing to reach for me, since most of my relationships usually end after one or two months. Or let's be honest, after the second date. I tire easily. Or I should say I know who I want and I can tell quickly its not you. So being with my boyfriend for 6 months now is actually quite amazing to me. I'm really excited about it!

I've decided to call him Suit because he is always impeccably dressed. From to head to toe, he always looks good and I'll be the first to say, we make a beautiful couple. Suit and I celebrated out first Valentine's day and it was very sweet. Dinner, flowers, candles, chocolate. Simple, sweet, and memorable. And since it was my first Valentine's with anybody, I was expecting greatness. He didn't disappoint.

He makes me feel. And I know that sounds strange but that's the honest truth. I don't usually have emotional attachments to the men I date. I know this because once they're gone, I don't think about them. At all. Like, not a single thought of them crosses my mind. Half the time, I forget their name. Which is actually probably for the best really. But with Suit, I miss him. I wake up thinking about him. I check my phone first thing in the morning to see if I missed a text from him during the night. I wonder about what he's doing and what he's thinking about. He's constantly on my mind and I doesn't drive me crazy. I like it, and I like that I like it! I like him.

So when March 2nd rolls around and we hit 6 months, I'm going to be the one bursting into song and behaving as if I'm in a Disney musical, because I'm just so damn happy!
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