Wednesday, July 4, 2012

"don't charge me for the crime"

Monday I went to court to contest the 3 tickets I got after my accident last month. I thought I was just going to say, "Hey, I was not speeding." And the judge would say, "Overruled!" And then I would pay a fine, it would be over and I would never have to go to court again. But no, instead I get there and the judge says, "Can you afford a lawyer, or do you need one appointed to you?"

... Um, no thank you. I just want to pay my fine. So I said, "No, I don't want to go to trial." And the judge has the audacity to say, "That wasn't the question." Excuse me? Sir, you are very lucky this is my first time in a courtroom and I am extremely scared and nervous right now, otherwise I would have a lot more to say to you. So in my scared and nervous state, I ended up getting a public defender and I have a trial date set for September...

I don't understand what just happened. I mean I really just don't understand what just happened. First of all, why the hell am I going to court for some traffic tickets? Second, why the hell do I need a lawyer?? And third, what the hell just happened???

Is this normal procedure? Is this what happens when you get a traffic ticket? What am I supposed to do? Please someone just help me out because I am so confused right now. I just, I just... don't understand what's happening. Someone may just need to explain the entire justice system to me because something just doesn't make sense. Why can't I just pay my fine and go home?

In the meantime, I'm still looking for a car. And on the plus side, this accident has helped to rekindle my love interest with Sir. He keeps calling me to see how I'm doing, and you know I'm just a sucker for such caring attention. Probably because he feels the accident was his fault, but hey, I'll take it. I'll keep dreaming of him; maybe one day good things will happen for us. 

Meanwhile, I need to deal with this court nonsense. 


The Management said...

hi there.

Just found your blog. I live in Canada, and when I wanted to contest a ticket to pay a reduced fine I had to go to court... didn't need a lawyer though... seems kind of weird, but probably nothing a phone call can't explain?

Car shopping is my favourite thing, I seriously love it. What kind of car are you looking for? Who is Sir? I can't wait to learn more about you!

Sage said...

Yay, thanks for commenting! Glad to see you like the blog so far! Yeah, hopefully I can straighten everything out quickly. I have no interest in going to court though. I guess there's no way to just kinda sidestep that one, then.

Car shopping has not been so great for me though. I really just want a 2007 Toyota Camry, or a Nissan Altima. I think I'm just gonna have to save up and get what I want.

Sir is pretty much my on-again-off-again crush for the past 4 years. I keep flip flopping with him, not ever really sure how I feel about him. So we just go in circles, lol.


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