Tuesday, October 26, 2010

confidence and pizazz

I know this guy. He's not my average kind of guy, maybe because he actually doesn't irritate me. He doesn't have that ego problem that I always seem to be attracted to. He doesn't make me want to prove everything he says is wrong.

In fact, I absolutely love listening to him speak. When I say he knows English, I don't mean he grew up in the US and can speak English. I mean he has studied the language and knows how to make you feel something with words. I don't think I could possibly describe the way he talks, but it's like listening to a dream. He's a very cultured man, you could say.

I've always said I could listen to someone talk about anything as long as they were passionate enough to carry me through the conversation (and as long as it's not science/math related). History, art, literature, sure. I'm game. I don't think just any guy could make English sound so wonderfully delightful.

He makes me want to read a book so I can actually have a clue what the hell he's talking about. I like feeling like he can teach me something. I like not being irritated, or uncomfortable around him. I like watching someone do something he loves because he wants to, not because it's his job. I like passionate people. It's too bad this guy is not in my life anymore. He is truly something. Next time I see him, I'll have to treat him to drinks, just so I can hear him talk.

I would say I wish I had something to be passionate about, but if I had any more passion for Disney, I might actually explode. But I do think we all need a little confidence and pizazz. Something to be truly passionate about. Something that makes us speak as if in a dream.
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