Tuesday, October 26, 2010

confidence and pizazz

I know this guy. He's not my average kind of guy, maybe because he actually doesn't irritate me. He doesn't have that ego problem that I always seem to be attracted to. He doesn't make me want to prove everything he says is wrong.

In fact, I absolutely love listening to him speak. When I say he knows English, I don't mean he grew up in the US and can speak English. I mean he has studied the language and knows how to make you feel something with words. I don't think I could possibly describe the way he talks, but it's like listening to a dream. He's a very cultured man, you could say.

I've always said I could listen to someone talk about anything as long as they were passionate enough to carry me through the conversation (and as long as it's not science/math related). History, art, literature, sure. I'm game. I don't think just any guy could make English sound so wonderfully delightful.

He makes me want to read a book so I can actually have a clue what the hell he's talking about. I like feeling like he can teach me something. I like not being irritated, or uncomfortable around him. I like watching someone do something he loves because he wants to, not because it's his job. I like passionate people. It's too bad this guy is not in my life anymore. He is truly something. Next time I see him, I'll have to treat him to drinks, just so I can hear him talk.

I would say I wish I had something to be passionate about, but if I had any more passion for Disney, I might actually explode. But I do think we all need a little confidence and pizazz. Something to be truly passionate about. Something that makes us speak as if in a dream.

Monday, August 23, 2010

wonders of cardboard

I just embarked on an epic construction project this past weekend. In an effort to save money (and recycle the millions of cardboard boxes that live in my garage), I came up with an idea. Light bulb: what if I make furniture out of cardboard?! The haters all said it couldn't be done.

"How is it going to be stable??"

Well I wasn't about to be put down that easily. I don't know what people did in the olden days without the internet. But here in the future, I typed cardboard bookcases into my Google browser and voila! I received images of the most beautiful and artistic bookcases I had ever seen! ALL MADE OF CARDBOARD!

So my plan was in full motion. I bought a glue gun, tape, paint, and a box cutter and got down to business. I started cutting up cardboard and three days later and I had a very structurally sound cardboard bookcase! Add a little wood stain coloring and it actually looks like wood!

Sure it might look at little amateur, but with a little practice, I'm sure I could build gorgeous bookcases like the ones up top.

I'm an truly amazed at my creative abilities. I knew there was something I could do with all those boxes and I'm hella psyched I thought to build furniture. Now I'm moving on to bigger and better projects. My next project will be to build a chair and table. I'm about to furnish our guest bedroom without buying a single piece of furniture!

This is just another skill to add to my business. Crocheted goods/Hair salon/Cardboard furniture store... has a nice ring to it. I could call it Fabulosity! by Sage.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

poetry is my mistress

I'm just going to let you guys know that since the beginning of my poetry class this semester, I have gotten immensely better at writing poems. This is exactly what I wanted to happen and I'm so glad I'm taking this class. Every time I think about writing, it just flows. I get one idea and it explodes into a beautifully crafted work of art that I just can't help but smile when I read.

Yes, I'm praising my own work. You should all be used to my conceitedness by now. I am quite fabulous. Many of you may not feel the wondrous glory and magnificence that emanates from my work but you're missing out! (Plus most of the work I've posted has been pure craptatiousness, with the exception of a few poems.)

But I've really fallen in love with the new works I've been producing this semester and I'm really excited to share it here. So stay tuned for more of my poetic genius!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

battle in the sky

Look closely and you’ll see they move

Crawling across with no destination

The sky is tired and yearns to be released

But constant showers give it no relief

Those thick clouds wrap around the sky

Clinging for control

A continuous battle:

Cloud against sky with cloud in the lead

Hateful and lustful and wanting it all

For if only it would bear its soul

If only it would open up and pour out

Then cloud would move on and sky would be free

I see it happening

Out there in the distance

A small glimpse of sky’s beautiful form

Peeking through holes in cloud’s armor

Then sun, and sky and cloud

Would dance together

Sharing secrets and crying tears

Always open to each other’s reign

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