Monday, April 28, 2014

"and all that jazz"

I am obsessed with New Orleans.  I've never been in such a party city in my life. Of course there's Vegas, but you can't get such rich history in Vegas. You can't get amazingly fresh seafood cooked cajun or creole style. You can't walk up and down an entire neighborhood and party in every corner.

No, Vegas doesn't compare to New Orleans. (Although I love Vegas too, but that's another story). This is about New Orleans, and how I cannot wait to go back.

So I spent my 25th birthday in New Orleans! Happy birthday to me! I've started a new tradition of visiting a new city every year for my birthday. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this city. Such a beautiful place. My hotel was located right next to where all the action was. No need for a car, I walked everywhere I went.

All day, all I did was eat and drink. From morning to evening. New Orleans is a very laid back city. The culture is one that embraces such a lifestyle. You literally just hang out, get something to eat and have a drink. My kind of city.

Now that I've been to New Orleans though, I know I could never live there. There's just too many temptations for me and I don't want the novelty to wear off. So unfortunately that cancels Tulane University as a potential law school for me to attend this fall. Ah well!

I'll definitely be going back. Until then, I'm looking for the next party city that I need to visit. I actually have an entire list of party cities all over the world that are a must for me to visit.

So I can cross New Orleans off that list. On to the next one!
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