Thursday, January 23, 2014

"keep away from the freaks on the fringe"

I was taking a leisure scroll through Instagram (as I tend to do when I'm pretending to work on very important law school applications due in the very near future) and I came across an interesting shot from my dear friend Emily Osment.

Perhaps you know her as Lily (the best friend) from Hannah Montana. Well color me excited when I found out that she was going to be coming out with a new show soon. Cleaners. And she plays a hit woman. That's a nice change from Disney Channel darling. 

Of course, you should know I have a very strong love when it comes to my Disney friends, so you know I had to investigate this show. I was surprised to learn that the show was already out and was a quite a few episodes into the storyline. About to start season two, in fact. I guess I'm not doing such a good job of keeping tabs on my Disney friends.  Nevertheless, I watched the first episode without knowing anything about the show. Nothing.

Oh come on, you know I loved it. Honestly, it wasn't bad. It was very Quentin Tarantino in terms of style. And I love a good Tarantino film. Basically the show is about two highly trained female contract killers, one of them being Emily. Of course it was a far cry from Disney, but still managed to not be another of those "Oh great, she's trying to shake her 'Disney' image" shows. I applaud her, and I look forward to watching another episode soon. Perhaps after I finish up with these very important law school applications due in the very near future…...

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