Monday, March 23, 2009

it's over

I never had someone that loves me
I never felt like I was there
Didn’t know who I could follow
Couldn’t wait for you to care

I hated being alone every day
I knew I had to make a move
I don’t want to wait forever
But I just can’t be with you

Do you remember all the times we spent together?
All the laughs and the fun we used to have?
Wasn’t long ago, it was us together
Spending days and our lives intertwined

But now I remember that was all a dream
We’ve fallen out of sync
One by one we’ve let go
One by one we’ve said no

I may be bitter, I may even be angry
But I’ve seen what happens when I try
No matter how much love I send your way
We’ve become less important in your eyes

Don’t tell me it’s not true
I’m honestly done believing you

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