Friday, June 5, 2015

"now i'm passing the bar, like a lawyer"

This has been the LONGEST week ever. The first week of my summer legal internship in Atlanta has gone slower than my first week of law school.

The average first year legal intern most likely will be subject to a lot of filing of paperwork. I thank God that my internship is different. The attorney actually gives me real work to do. On my first day, he had me writing motions and client letters.

Really? You sure? You're just going to hand it to me, just like that? Oh, okay.... Good luck, Sage....

Well, at least he gave me copies of all the old letters and versions of motions they have written, so I had a makeshift template to work from. But, seriously, talk about just throwing you into the mix. No warning, just go, and do.

I haven't filed a single folder all week. And thank heavens for that. I'm very much okay with it, although, sometimes I do kind of wish I had a little filing to do. At least, then when the attorney doesn't give me an assignment, or when he is in court, I'll have back up work to keep me busy.

It tickles me every morning I come in and the attorney, or the paralegal I also work under asks me, "What are you working on?" Uh, you haven't given me an assignment, so what would I be working on? When I get those moments when I finish my assigned work and I wonder what I'm supposed to do next, I always feel bad asking what they would like me to do next. I don't want to keep going into their office fishing for more work to do, but I don't want to get caught sitting around doing nothing on my computer. Dilemmas, dilemmas. I just want work to keep finding its way to me.

But in general, the internship is going really well. I work on family law and personal injury cases, which are actually quite fascinating in real life (as opposed to in a textbook). People are a trip.

Hopefully as summer continues, it'll start to pick up the pace. Still waiting for the day I get to go to court. Soon come.

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