Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"looking good and feeling gorgeous"

Okay, I did it! I just spent $100 on Zumba DVDs. Lord knows if I don't workout, I just failed epicly.

Let's all pray I can have some self motivation and do it. I need some celebrity inspirations...

You know I'm always hesitant to get too excited about any of my new adventures, because, well, I have them so often. I never really know how long it's going to last. But I'm daring to get a little excited over this one. Who knows, maybe this will actually be the one that sticks.

And with spring in the air and my birthday next week, I need to be looking my best for all the reggae and african club nights I'm about to attend. Seriously, I've already bought my outfits and they're all about a size too small.

Of course I'm not expecting to fit them in time for my birthday celebration, but summertime should be a new adventure. But no worries, my bday outfit is sexier than sexy. You know I look good!

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