Friday, December 5, 2008

fight for me

I want you to fight for me.
Don’t give up on me just because it’s hard to get through the first layer.
These layers were built to protect what’s inside,
To protect from emotions held too hard.
Year after year I’ve built layer upon layer,
Upon layer upon layer
Of caution, suspicion, and doubt.
There’s not a person on earth that I trust with my feelings.
But I want to trust you.
I want you to care enough to fight me back.
Fight to know what I really think.
Fight to know how I really feel.
Fight to know me,
The real me and everything underneath.
I want someone real.
Someone who doesn’t mind getting a little dirty,
Who doesn’t mind if I get mad and yell.
I want you to yell back
Don’t hold back.
I’m not fragile, I’m not even sheltered.
I just need a little reassurance.
Reassurance that you care,
That you won’t be bothered by digging a little deeper.
I want you to find me fascinating.
Charming, alluring, mesmerizing.
A mystery you want to solve.
A conundrum, a riddle, an amazing little puzzle.
But don’t get bored.
Oh please don’t be bored.
It’s a delicate balance, I know.
I’m sorry it’s so hard.
But I’m willing to change, if you’re willing to push.

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